Nathan Hutchison



Technical Lead 2013 - Now

An issue tracker, BugHerd is a kanban board and embeded (you can point at issues inside the target website) feedback tool.

I came on at BugHerd as a junior, fixing small bugs in the Ruby on Rails backend and the backbone.js frontend.

Reimplemented BugHerd's screenshot and avatar uploading to leverage direct uploading to Amazon s3 to load off our rails application to aid in scalability.

Migrated the database and application from heroku to Rackspace with minimal downtime to take advantage of cheaper hosting and a more flexable load balancer.

Created some nested caching and partial fetching of large task lists.

Moved some of our JSON serialisers into the postgres server to take further load off our Ruby on Rails application.

Implemented browser extension as part of my idea to optimise the onboarding process, this allowed users to see the value of BugHerd without having to edit their website during the onboarding process.

Lead a team of 4 to reimplement of BugHerd in ReactJS, with a drag and drop kanban and a new embeded widget.

Helped onboard staff and trained them in ReactJS and other technologies.

"Nathan, since the day he started, has been critical to the success of BugHerd. Whilst he may have started as a junior developer, over the years since he started he worked his way to eventually become our Technical Lead. He’s been instrumental in leading the team and our technical solutions."

- Alan Downie, Founder of BugHerd



Currently #6 in the Social & Fun Slack App Directory, RighGIF Is a GIF search tool built because we were unhappy with Giphy.

Built as a side project.